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About Mimi 
Dress : 4/5 Pants: 6/7 Shoe: 10
Bust: 34B Waist: 28 Hip: 38
Height: 5''10"

My Name is Mia'Ani . Better known as Mimi . i am a 26 year old International runway Model and a aspiring Actress. I have dedicated myself to making my dreams come true no matter what it takes. I have been Modeling for almost five years. I have had the experience of  runway and coaching thanks to A lot of different Modeling Organizations in Los Angeles. I have participated as a runway model in NYFW , LFW and LAFW. I have also had the experience on a music video set, movie set, and, television set . I am currently taking an acting workship from GCW (G. Charles Wright) Acting Studios.

A little about me , hmm where do I start, I enjoy being home in front on my Canvas bringing my imagination to life ! Art is the best way I believe to express yourself. Whether it's music, dancing, painting, or being in front of a Camera (ME) . I am what you call " The Life Of The Party". I will make fun out of the most awkward situation. My personality will light up your life :) . Drama Queen is my Middle name or maybe I should say Over Dramatic . One of my dreams is to become a Character on one of my Favorite Television Shows.( The Vampire Diaries, Super Natural, Once Upon A Time).  I Believe Anything is possible if you put your mind to it . The energy you Give is the energy you will Receive in anything you do.  If you need a bubbly, organized, unique, open minded, professional, goofy, optimistic, determined, Actress or Model on your set or runway I am your Girl.

Mimi Caperton

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